Company Profile

Vicentini Carni prides itself of a strong family tradition in the breeding and the slaughtering of Bovine. This strong connotation ensures that the Company strives to utilize utmost care and attention at every phase of production, permitting it to better satisfy the needs of its clientele. As matter of fact, from the commencement of choosing the  animals from the stables  until the final phase  of the sale, the Partners as well as and their members of Staff make use of not only diligence but also the experience and the technical expertise needed to offer the best product to every customer.
Vicentini Carni is a medium-sized Company with a big vision, which operates speed, and the flexibility that allows the Company to operate as a small business when required.


The history of the Company takes its rise from Bovine: during the post war period, Riccardo Vicentini embarked on an activity as a negotiator for livestock.

The 1940s

The passion for the agricultural sector was also transmitted to the children, to the extent that in the 1960s, the first child Antonio Walter Vicentini bought a butchery annexed with a small Abattoir in Engazzà ,Salozzole. 1962 was  the year in which the  marketing of beef was launched. This was done by  exclusively supplying the Butchery shop as well as the local population. Within a short time, sales began to  expand to butchers in the Southern parts of Verona and Mantua, so as to generate positive testimonies, by word  of mouth among operators in the same sector. The good performance of the business as well as the strong economic growth of those years enabled the Company  in 1963, to build its  first Slaughtering Plant a few hundred meters from the Shop. The Shop in the town center however remained as  the direct sales channel of its production.

The 1960s

In the mid-70s, family support was so amplified, that Carlo, the youngest Son of Riccardo and younger brother of Antonio Walter began his own Corporate experience. In 1977 the local shop was relocated and situated closer to the Abattoir. The full business experience acquired and the knowledge of the raw material, convinced  Riccardo  and Antonio Walter to buy their first Cattle Breeding Ranch nearby in Bionde, Salizzole (in the province of Verona). Also, still in the same 1977  the ground work to what is now recognized as "Integrated Supply Chain" was laid down. At the end of the 1970s, the doors were opened  to the National Market: It was as a matter of fact,, that in this same year that the largest wholesale Company began to interface with the Company “Vicentini Antonio”, and thus new business opportunities were created.

The 1970s

The distribution of beef slaughtered by Vicentini Antonio became a national commodity, resulting on the one hand in the increase of the Market Share of the Company in Southern Italy, and on the other hand, a double increase on the weekly slaughter of Bovine by the Company. The customer portfolio thereby changed slowly, but surely from a portfolio of small time Butchers to National Whole Sale Dealers. At the same time the evolution of the distribution market involved closing down the first village butchery. The demand for meat breed in Private ranches increased to the extent that the Company had to acquire a second cattle Ranch in Tre Ponti in Nogara, which is also in the province of Verona.

The 1980s

The break through occurred  in 1996 with the opening of the new slaughtering plant, adjacent to the original site. In 1997 the company changed its corporate structure moving from an individual enterprise (Vicentini Antonio) to a Corporation (Vicentini Carni Srl) directly administered by Antonio Walter, Carlo his younger brother, as well as Simone and Alberto, sons of Antonio, thus making its first passage from a first generation Company. The launching of the new establishment brought about an increase in  production and this positive trend was also transferred to the fore front of the issue of further investments in cattle raised in stables. This led to the purchase of a third site in Cologna Veneta, also in the Province of Verona.

The 1990s

The Company began to invest in Health Certifications and all necessary Authorizations, such as the Disciplinary Voluntary Labeling (2002) and Certification for Traceability UNI EN ISO 9001: 2005 and 9001: 2008. In the meantime, the application for these certifications and authorisations not only increased, but also became diversified. In order further satisfy their clients, in 2006 the Company inaugurated a new area for the dissection of Meat. Encouraged by the success of the Integrated Supply Chain, in 2011 Vicentini Carni  acquired the UNI EN ISO 22005:2011 relating to the  traceability and control of Meat from the Ranches up to the slaughtering at the Abbatoir. The certified supply chain is today characterized by its trademark ""Filiera Vicentini"".
In recent years the company has also decided to open its doors  to foreign markets, especially in Europe, with which it has already begun to undertake commercial transactions. The Company currently possesses Export Licenses which permit it to export beef to Turkey (since 2010) and Hong Kong ( since 2012).
The impact of Production by the Company on the environment and the ever increasing cost of energy incurred by the Company have necessitated a move by the Company, for the first time, towards Alternative Energy sources. In the course of 2012, the Company inaugurated a Solar Panel Plant which was mounted on the roof of the establishment. The capacity of the Plant is for a total coverage of 1,200 square meters and generates 175 kW.


Coporate Data

The Market

The Company operates mainly on national Level, with a higher concentration in Central and Southern Italy. To meet the needs of its customers, the Company avails itself with a production head quarters where the slaughtering and the dissection of meat is carried out. It is further supported by a distribution platform which is located in the province of Naples. Between 2010 and 2011 the Company embarked on commercial transactions with Clients in the Turkish, Greek and Slovenian Markets. We are able to export to the following markets: Hong Kong, Vietnam, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.


The Clientele being serviced by Vicentini Carni consists exclusively of B2B (business to business). Our customer base is composed by Distribution chains (50%), Wholesalers (35%), Retail/ and others (15%). The natural evolution of the Company has led to a diversification of its customer base, moving from servicing mostly wholesalers and butchers, to the present situation.


In 2017 Vicentini Carni has realized revenue for € 85,5 mil. The positive trend of the last 3 years is attributable not only to an increase in productivity, but also to a strategy of diversifying customers and improving production and business performance.


Value of Production

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Volume of Production

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Company Structure

The corporate structure of the Company is composed of Three Members whose business roles are detailed as follows:

Carlo Vicentini

Chairman of the Board and CEO

Simone Vicentini


Roberta Vicentini

Marketing Manager