Vicentini Carni at Tutto Food 2015

Fiera Milano
from 3 to 6 May 2015
Section 2P
Stand D23 E26

The new internet site, rebranding and novelty in communication;

Vicentini Carni re-enters the game and Kicks off with its Corporate image: not a simple revival but a real and complete makeover. With the end of 2014, the Company decided to leave the Company logo, even though it had only been revised in 2005, and to give new lease of life to a well known brand in the world of meat. Starting from the first company logo, we wanted to retain a common thread chart, but however with an innovating appearance. The result was astounding! The historic Bull's head framed by the initial Vicentini Carni with yellow stars is now completely stylized: It is their very own initial that now form the head of the bull! The lettering has been renewed, it is less graceful, but cleaner and more modern. All colours have been removed, but the red pantone which is strongly linked to the commercial sector in which the company participates. This communicational novelty is the result of an evolutionary path that the company has embarked on for over the last 18 years: from a small time Business outfit, with a purely domestic business, to productive reality of a medium- large Beef Producer to a market that is now both national and international The hallmark of Vicentini Carni has always been quality, promoted with the new payoff "We focus on quality."

Vicentini Carni Outreach:

Vicentini Carni devotes a lot of attention to everything it does' and all that surrounds it. This love and passion are not limited to the business, but are also manifested in the desire to build something useful for practical support of purely local initiatives. There are many sports and social projects in which the Company participates, investing not only its economic resources, but also its time. There is a common thread that unites these initiatives: the will and the ability to educate the new generations. Many of these initiatives are in fact aimed at this target: As Vicentini Carni has grown gradually over the years, investing heavily, putting care and will in everything it did, so the Company itself wants to convey to today's youth the importance of cultivating an interest in sports such as that. But there's more: the company has at heart all those social initiatives that can improve the collective system in which it is rooted, supporting educational projects and cultural activities that bring back the beauty of our local traditions. The initiatives in which the Company has participated in recent years have been:


  • GS Italo: The Company is the main sponsor of the youth cycling team of the city of Salizzole. In 2014 the Company organized the Regional Youth Meeting that involved more than 400 children from all over the Veneto Region (since 2010);
  • Vicenza – Bionde:The Company has always sponsored the historical cycling circuit that takes place every year in late spring and among the participants are many cycling teams in national character (always);
  • Chievo Verona: Official sponsor of the Football league games from 2013 to 2014 Football Season. Vicentini Carni shares with the Team the values that have been transmitted and the desire to participate despite the small size of the Company;
  • Freevolley Salizzole: Sponsorship of the women's volleyball team in the town of Saliszzole for under 16, under 18, categories as well as the first and second division (from 2012);
  • Social

    • Handbike race:gara interamente promossa da Vicentini Carni che si svolge ogni anno tra maggio e giugno nel comune di Salizzole e che coinvolge professionisti e meno del mondo del ciclismo per diversamente abili (dal 2013);
    • Free Mobility Italy: A one off donation for the purchase of a van for the transport of the disabled in the municipality of Nogara (2011-2018):